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Career Exploration for Students

Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.~Confucius

Do you know what to do after high school? Most don’t!
Post-secondary tuition is expensive. It ranges from $5,500 to $30,000 per year depending on the program. 1 in 7 Canadian post-secondary students drop out of college or university in their first year. Students who drop out are often not pursuing careers that really align with their personalities and interests. Don’t waste valuable resources and time.

Proven Career Assessment Tools
Myer-Briggs Type Indicators® Inventory (MBTI®) and Strong Interest Inventory® are 2 of the most trusted career assessment tools in the market. Although some high schools administer career exploration tests, those tests don’t offer the same level of accuracy and details as MBTI® or Strong Interest Inventory®, the gold standard in career exploration. For a small investment, you can be on the right path to your careers without wasting unnecessary money and time. If you are grade 10 or older, you need to do both MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory® to explore your career choices.

Our most comprehensive package entitles student to 10 private one hour sessions with a counsellor that include:

  1. A personal interview of student’s self-assessment, strengths, values, and dreams
  2. Two online inventories: MBTI® and Strong Interest Inventory®
  3. A personal interpretation of each assessment
  4. A custom investigation of potential career choices according to preferences and interests
  5. An identification of what is needed to succeed in those career choices
  6. An interfacing of career choices and the reality
  7. Reality based instructions that will help students excel in college and in the work force (i.e. transferable skills, learning style, team work style, leadership style, etc.)

Includes 8 private one hour counselling sessions that achieve #1-6 of Platinum

Includes 6 private one hour counselling sessions that deliver #1-5 of Platinum

Includes 4 private one hour counselling sessions that include #1-4 of Platinum

Our most basic package includes 2 private one hour counselling sessions that will utilize only one inventory, a personal interpretation of the assessment, and a review of possible careers.

10% of the proceed will be donated to Sick Kids Hospital in Toronto for Neuroblastoma Cancer Research via Curtis Chow Memorial Fund