Testimonies about Marriage Preparation: For a Life Time of Connection

Many couples plan more for their wedding than their marriage.  I’m grateful for this wonderful work by Herman Chow that helps couples prepare for a lifetime together.”
Bruxy Cavey, Teaching Pastor, The Meeting House


This marriage preparation workbook should be a major part of every church’s counseling program. This handbook will help to correct the faulty thinking and information concerning marriage relationships. It will also help to eliminate as many surprises as possible from the impending marriage. This workbook will be of great help to many who recognize the need for pre-marital counseling in our troubled times. As you read and study the marriage preparation workbook it will be evident to you that Herman Chow has done his homework well, and is providing great help for those of us who feel the need for help in marriage preparation. Now we have a tool to help couples before they say “I do.”
Woodroe Thompson, Administrative Bishop, Church of God of Prophecy – Eastern Canada


Through many years of offering marriage preparation, Herman Chow has assembled a great resource manual which is securely based on research, clinical practice, and personal experience. He covers the dimensions of healthy marriage in a thoughtful, thorough, and humourous way. I especially appreciate the way Herman integrates the role of faith and Scripture in the marriage relationship throughout the course, as true spirituality is not compartmentalized, but permeates all of life. The content of this manual is very accessible and relevant to Christ-followers and other seekers alike. Through many practical exercises, Herman engages each participant in examining and improving their marriage relationship.
Rick Wukasch, Oakville Associate Pastor, The Meeting House


Herman’s Marriage Preparation Workbook is excellent. I wish I could have gone through this with my wife over 20 years ago before we got married. It is a gem of practical insight that empowers couples to build a solid biblical foundation in which to base their marriage upon. While reading the manual I kept thinking of my children and how they can benefit from such a workbook when the day comes for them to get married. I highly recommend this marriage preparation workbook to anyone serious about having a successful marriage.
Rev. Colin McCartney, Founder of Urban Promise Toronto


This biblically-based resource is of great value to all those preparing for a successful marriage.  Herman Chow’s passion for young couples and extensive experience in marriage counseling shows in the workbook’s contents.  The book encourages honesty between a couple, stimulates open communication, and helps couples to reach inside themselves and talk about essential issues.  Engaged couples will find this book effective to equip themselves in the process of discovering each other and should come away with a better understanding of each other’s hopes, fears and expectations of marriage.  I will heartily recommend it to every couple I counsel.
Rev. Dr. Ted Tham, Pastor of North Toronto Chinese Baptist Church